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Let's organize and get beyond the chaos! 

Life gets busy. I’m dedicated to helping others find their freedom by taking the time to gain control of spaces and discover an organizational solution that serves them as a Kon Marie consultant. I can lead you down a path to get through difficult decisions. I create an environment that allows you to decide what stays and what goes. We work together to create a resting place for all the stuff you want. We create happiness within your spaces, I am here to help you achieve that. Don't worry, we have fun along the way!

Let’s do this! 
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6 Tips for Designing a Luxurious Walk-In Closet

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Stop apologizing for the clutter. 

That feeling of embarrassment when people come over is so annoying. You feel like you have failed to meet your inner expectations. Working together we can make your space look and feel better, so you no longer feel the need to apologize when people come over.

Check my FREE decluttering guide for a quick how-to tidy up. This pick-up spree will only take 20 minutes. You and your family will know exactly where to put things. If it takes a bit longer than 20 minutes……...give me a call and we can get things in order to help with meeting the 20 minute goal. 

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Here's what our customers have to say:
"Ginny is fantastic! She really heard and understood what I was needing. She is super easy to work with and has a lot of expertise when it comes to organizing in a functional way for families. I would highly recommend Ginny for your organizational needs."
— Tabi P.
"Ginny is amazing at what she does! She takes time to get a feel for what you want for an end product and really gets things organized! Well worth it!"
— Talon C.
"The overwhelming embarrassment to even let anyone past my entryway is completely gone thanks to Ginny! She has been working with me for a year and a half now and my mentality about organizing has completely changed. As a working mom and moving to a house roughly half the size of our previous house, I was overwhelmed with so much “stuff.” Through it all, Ginny never once made me feel embarrassed, ashamed, or inadequate. She simply reminded me that quality time with my family is most important to me and everything else is just “stuff.” Ginny, there are no words I could possibly use to express my gratitude!! Thank you so much! Getting all of this “stuff” out of my house is liberating!"
— Noel J
"Ginny has done a great job in helping me organize my home. She has changed my life. She has great ideas and knows how to adapt to my personality when helping me organize the things that matter the most to me."
— Linda J.